We all know that buying a quality brass instrument is an expensive purchase. We also all know that we should be proactive in looking after our investment, to make sure the instrument looks pristine, sounds great, and stop stuck valves and sticky slides to ensure many happy years of playing.

Though the history of brass, players have cleaned their instruments with washing up liquid, many of which contain salt. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that water plus salt results in possible corrosion, so it was vital that we created a cleaning kit that was eco-friendly, highly effective and didn't cause damage to any delicate finishes or components.

As part of its development, the range was tested by a number of brass bands local to the factory. We received 100% positive feedback on the 'b# keep it clean' products. This was then reaffirmed when the range was personally tried and subsequently officially endorsed by Mark Wilkinson - Soloist & Principal Cornet of Fodens Band, Dr Brett Baker - International Soloist & Principal Trombone of Black Dyke Band, Programme Leader for Music Arts at the University of Salford, and the World famous Fodens Band.

As you know you should regularly clean your instrument. When playing you are emitting saliva in to your instrument. Saliva contains germs, mucus, etc. that can mix together with valve/slide oil to form a biofilm in your instrument. Overtime this biofilm will build up and restrict the airflow through your instrument, as well as creating sticky valves and slides. Whilst human saliva is 99.5% water, it also contains electrolytes, mucus, glycoproteins, antibacterial and bacteria compounds such as secretory lgA and lysozymes. Regular cleaning helps stop bacteria build up, preventing illnesses such as Common Colds, Influenza, Chest Infections and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (Trombone Players Lung).

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(Music - Spring Song by Matthew Eden - Soloist Mark Wilkinson & Fodens Band)

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Virtuoso Brass Instrument Cleaning Kit

This kit is a uniquely designed cleaning kit for brass instruments. It is designed in the UK by brass players for brass players and is endorsed by some of the Worlds leading musicians & bands.

The kit cleans brass instruments from the inside out, removing unpleasant biofilm from your instrument pipework. It clears oil and grease leaving your instrument with a pleasant citrus scent. Safe on all finishes, it cleans, polishes and gives the instrument an easy next time clean anti-static coating.

It comprises of an Instrument Soak, an avocado oil Finishing Polish and a quality Helin brush & cloth kit.

The soak is formulated to be used in warm not hot water.

Water that is too hot may damage/melt the lacquer of a brass instrument. Use water the would be suitable to bathe in.

100% Natural Oils and Greases

This range is the natural alternative to synthetic or petroleum based instrument valve oils and greases.

They are all smooth, viscous, long lasting lubricants made from natural oils. They are non-toxic, non-petroleum and non-synthetic, using only natural food grade ingredients. Their natural fruit aroma is derived from food grade flavourings to give you a totally safe and pleasant valve oil, perfect for all levels of instrument and player.  No more harmful unpleasant oils, only the taste of nature.

Our Valve Oil is supplied with a directional spray applicator to reduce waste and save money; our Key/Rotary Valve Oil is supplied with a pointed applicator for easy accurate application; and the Tuning Slide Grease comes in a handy case sized pot.


Mark Wilkinson - Principal Cornet Fodens Band.

"a must accessory for every brass musician, it's the only product of its kind I would recommend to clean your instrument"

Dr Brett Baker - International Soloist & Principal Trombone Black Dyke Band.

"the b# cleaning kit maintains my Rath trombone as if it's new, I've used washing up liquid for years not knowing the damage it can do long term"

Fodens Band.

"as one of the Worlds leading brass bands, Fodens aspires for perfection, players are encouraged to regularly maintain instruments to ensure pitch perfect performances. We are proud to support b# who has created a dedicated easy to use kit for cleaning instruments"

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