As one of the oldest manufacturers of toilet additives it only seemed right to launch a range for the leisure sector. The 40shot range has been specially developed for this market, formulated to be environmentally friendly, biodegradable, pH neutral and include a built in water softener to help combat limescale in hard water areas. The range uses a space and weight saving bottle to offer customers concentrate, not water. All bottles have a clever reservoir with an accurate dosing measure to ensure correct dosing to avoid waste thus saving money. 

1 litre of 40shot will charge 40 toilets with quality product, saving space and giving you value for money.

The 'Original' Cassette Toilet

Drawing on nearly 50 years experience supplying the portable toilet sector, our high performance formaldehyde-free toilet fluid for caravans & motorhomes treats both your flush and waste tanks. The fluid has a long lasting cherry fragrance and an easy wipe clean dye. Built in water softening agents maximise performance in hard water areas.

New ECO-Cassette Toilet

Being conscious of the need to look after the environment, we looked to develop an eco toilet fluid. After years of developing we have launched the 40shot ECO-Cassette. This product is unique in the fact that it is biocide free, enzyme free and pro-biotic free. Tested in the field it's pleasant fragrance masks any nasty odours giving you a beautiful smelling toilet. As with the original Cassette Toilet you only use 20ml to dose a standard cassette.

New Pink Flush

Pink Flush is the perfect complimentary product for vehicles with dedicated toilet flush tanks. It has been specifically formulated using 25ml to help maintain a hygienic toilet and aid an effortless flush. For vehicles without a dedicated flush tank, just add a small amount to a proprietary trigger spray to produce a daily toilet fresher spray.

New RV Toilet Fluid

With the increasing popularity of American RV's and the use of macerator and marine toilets in many larger UK and European motorhomes, we have developed a dedicated product for vehicles with holding tanks. The product can treat 100L of waste with just 25ml for up to 14 days, and is also ideal for canal and ocean going boats. Totally formaldehyde free and manufactured in the UK.

Exterior Multi-Clean Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner

A high quality 3 in 1 vehicle exterior cleaner (wash, wax & anti-static). This fabulous cleaner only uses 25ml per 10 litres of water and has built in anti-static agent to repel dirt. It contains carnauba wax for the perfect sheen and will remove dirt, black streaks and winter algae to give your vehicle that high end showroom shine. Designed for leisure vehicles, but perfect for all vehicles and boats.

Dish 'n' Treat Grey Water Treatment

A unique high quality washing-up liquid and grey waste tank cleaner in one. This product only uses 25ml per 10 litres washing-up water. It is safe on hands with a pleasant citrus fragrance. Simply wash-up and let the wash water proactively keep clean your grey waste water holding tank by reducing deposits and grease contamination, and preventing bacteria build-up. It can also be use directly via the plug hole of your kitchen sink, bathroom sink or shower to treat and freshen pipes and tank.
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